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    Angry Bird Game Operation Rules


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Angry Bird Game Operation Rules”
    1. Angry bird is a touch game that was first launched on iOS and across platforms. (Also known). In order to protect the eggs, the angry bird launched the struggle with the green pig, touching the slingshot, and completing the shooting.
      The gameplay is very simple. Popping the birds on the slingshot, smashed into the green fat pig, and smashed all the fat pigs to pass the level. The bird's pop -up angle and strength are controlled by the player's fingers. Pay attention to the comprehensive calculation of good strength and angle, so as to smash the fat pig more accurately. The pop -up birds will leave the ejection trajectory, which can be adjusted for reference angles and strength. In addition, the more scores of each level, the higher the evaluation.

    2. After entering, there is a slingshot and red bird in the middle, and you can go in. After entering, the birds are pulled back to the target to hit the target.
      The red ones still have no effect. Blue will still be separated from 3 ... The yellow ones are still accelerated, and the big mouth duck will be a powerful barrier. The white ones will still have eggs. The radian of the bomb under the plane ... the black becomes a bit waste .. There is a sheep.

    3. Follow the slingshot and follow the trajectory of the parabolic line, just smash the pig, depending on whether your thinking is enough, there is no rule, try to use the birds as little as possible, you will get a high score. Golden eggs, explore slowly

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