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    Angry Bird official website


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The official website address is angry bird.
      "Angry Birds" In order to retaliate against the bad pigs who stole the bird eggs, the birds used their bodies as a weapon and attacking their fortress like shells.
      Angry birds are challenging physical games. Each level requires logic, skills, and strength to combine to pass the level smoothly.
      Observation and analysis of geographical conditions can help you discover the traces of bad pigs, destroy them, and find their hidden gems and bird eggs!
      game rules:
      This Birds in the game need to pop up the birds on the slingshot, smash green fat pigs, and hit all the fat pigs to pass. The bird's pop -up angle and strength are controlled by your fingers. Pay attention to the comprehensive calculation of good strength and angle, so as to be more accurate to hit the fat pig.
      and the pop -up bird will leave a pop -up trajectory for adjustment of the reference angle and strength. In the game, players need to destroy all fat pigs to win.
      After each game is over, the system will score according to the performance of the player. Scores can get stars. When the stars reach a certain number, you can unlock the hidden barrier.

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