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    Chongqing Tourist: Play mahjong in the water? What is the difference between Chongqing Mahjong and Guangdong Mahjong?


    Sep 23, 2022
    4 thoughts on “Chongqing Tourist: Play mahjong in the water? What is the difference between Chongqing Mahjong and Guangdong Mahjong?”
    1. Everyone in Mahjong has played, it is really fun, and it can also increase the friendship between everyone, and it can also spend time. However, for Chongqing tourists, playing mahjong in the water is a very normal operation. This is because it is used to such a way to play mahjong, and it is very comfortable to play mahjong in the water and can calm down the heart quickly. However, Chongqing Mahjong and Guangdong Mahjong are very different, because Guangdong Mahjong only talks about Pinghu, chickenhu, and buying code, while Chongqing Mahjong pays attention to flower cards and number.
      In the hot summer, everyone does not want to go out, and feel bored, they will call their good friends to play mahjong together. And Mahjong is a very traditional custom for young friends in Chongqing, and it is also a pastime method left from ancient times to the present, but the place is different, and the play of Mahjong is different. Chongqing's mahjong play is very many. It can be said that every small area has corresponding tricks, and Chongqing Mahjong is very simple. There will be no various kinds of east and west winds, and wealth, whiteboards, etc. Essence
      and there is no phenomenon of eating cards at all, it can only be touched, and it cannot be available in three doors when it is a card. It must be one less. However, this is not the case for Guangdong Mahjong, because the history of history is long, so there must be various flower cards in Mahjong. Moreover, the Guangdong Mahjong can eat in the process of playing. For example, if you have one or 20,000, the other party can choose to eat, then put it in his own hands, and continue to play cards.
      In addition to that, the most special point of Guangdong Mahjong is that after the four players start the card, they choose three their own cards, and then in accordance with a certain order, they will be converted to another player’s. In your hands, then start playing mahjong. However, there are many kinds of mahjong, so everyone can also choose a color or other things according to their cards. If you win, you will turn it a lot. But no matter what, the gameplay in each place is different. You can play according to your local gameplay.

    2. Mahjong is one of the national essences of China. This is a game of chess and cards. Sichuan Mahjong can only leave two cards when playing. Otherwise, it is not possible. The popularity of Guangdong Mahjong is also very high. The methods of playing are the four factions of chickens, new chapters, pushing down Hu, Lao Zhang.

    3. Chongqing Mahjong has five characteristics. First, the combination of three types of tanks can be called Hu, and a person will end this game. Second, if you do n’t check, you can drag to the stream. Third, there are bumper bars. Fourth, no double. Fifth, easy to learn.

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