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    Hello, I have a certificate of a fifth -level chess chess player. What is the use?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “Hello, I have a certificate of a fifth -level chess chess player. What is the use?”
    1. The certificate of chess fifth grade chess players can challenge the qualifications of international chess international competitions.
      The master of chess association, master of chess associations, chess associations first chess players, chess association second -level chess players, chess association three chess players, chess association four chess players, chess association five -level chess players.
      When the Chinese Chess Association and the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and planned international chess games recognized by the Sports Bureau of the Municipal Sports Bureau, according to the level of the competition.

      extension information:
      The Chinese Chess Association awarded the title of Honorary Chess Association Master with special contributions.
      The honorary grade title application procedure: fill in the application form from the application unit, recommend it to the provincial sports management department for review, report to the China Chess Association for approval, and issue an honorary level certificate.
      Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-International Chess Grade Five Chess Men

    2. Generally speaking, with the original two -level chess or first -level chess certificates, you can sign up for the international chess level competition. The top ten of the grade group can declare the national tertiary athletes.
      The original certificate of chess association can register to participate in the international chess grade third -level athlete group competition. The top 6 of the third -level athletes can declare the national second -level athletes.
      The original certificate of the chess association can sign up for the second -level athlete group competition for the chess level competition.

      The national athlete certificate college entrance examination can be added.
      So your fifth -level chess certificate must first strive to be promoted to the second -level chessor.

    3. It represents the achievements of your learning chess period, which is the learning achievement of the assessment. In this way, you can sign up for the chess level. After upgrading, you can replace a new certificate. Your upper level and goal should be level four chess players. You can apply for four levels after the level of the grade. Generally, the second or first -level chess players are qualified to obtain a third -level athlete, and those who can advance their points can be added.

    4. It is useless. The fifth level is the lowest level. At that time, when we took the chess men, the third level was canceled. This was about 20 years ago.
      It can be a memorial. If you are interested, it is quite interesting to go up. It is very difficult to be above the second level, and there are many folk masters.

    5. Each level has different levels. When you get a certain level, it is athlete, a master or something. Certificate is generally useless, but you can apply for some schools or something.

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