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    How many games are there in Shanda?


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    1. Large multiplayer online role -playing games (MMORPG) enable thousands of players to communicate with each other in a virtual world. Players can use characters with different characteristics to experience life. The game itself develops, and players communicate with each other through instant messages. Below is the list of online games currently operated by Shanda. For more information, you can directly click on the connection of the official website

      This blood legend
      Legendary world
      Broken Galaxy
      Waulin Wai History

      This Blood Legend

      "Blood Legend" is an online role -playing game based on the Internet ( RPG). In this game, all the plots, the acquisition of experience, and various activities such as hunting and mining are occurred immediately on the Internet.

      "Blood Legend" In order to give players a real world, the game includes the concepts of day, night, trade, items. In the game, currency can be obtained through mining, hunting, etc., and these currencies are used to trade.

      The entire game is an adventurous online game full of magic and oriental colors.

      The game process
      ■ Signed an operating agency agreement in mainland China on July 18, 2001
      ■ September 28, 2001 Game official public test
      ■ 2001 2001 On November 28th, the game was officially commercialized

      The legendary world

      "Legend World" was developed by Shengqu Technology Co., Ltd. A fantasy action MMORPG online game operated by Shanda Network.

      The legendary world has built a complete virtual social system, and each player can experience a different life in the game. Social relations such as teachers, couples, and guilds have enabled players to effectively participate in virtual social activities such as "siege city", "guild fighting", "civilization development", and "individual interaction".

      "Legendary World" has exquisite 2D game screens, simple operation, balanced professional system, good interaction, stable technology platform, and its fast version update. Unanimous recognition.

      game course
      ■ On July 28, 2003, the game officially publicly tested
      ■ September 28, 2003 Game official commercial operation

      God Trace

      "Miracle" is the first 3D online game to enter the international market. It is independently developed by Shengqu. You walk into the mysterious oriental mythology world.

      The background of the game is the pretty oriental mythology of the player. The plots in myths such as magic, riding dragons and cross -phoenixes, siege "are possible here. Unique weapon forging, kissing, and emoji systems make everyone in it express their emotional will.

      The miracle is the art director of the internationally renowned film director Chen Kaige (director of "Farewell My Concubine"), the well -known musician He Xuntian ("A Sister Drum" author) as a music creation. "Miracle" adds infinite charm and draws the soul of the oriental style game.

      game process
      ■ February 18, 2004 The game officially public test

      n's second part of the trilogy carefully launched in 2004. Following the martial arts life masterpiece after "The Legend of the World", "Hero Age" gathering national systems, developing civilization, building houses, transnational warfare, all server cluster combinations and many other excellent excellent excellent excellence The factors have created a magnificent new adventure world.

      The first server cluster system in China breaks the concept of the traditional area. Players in different areas can communicate online, making 100,000 people chatting or even launching a large -scale national war at the same time.

      The most authentic national system, strict political system, perfect national war mechanism, and natural national existence system have a high sense of virtual authenticity. Personal growth is no longer the only purpose of the game, and the national development is closely integrated with personal destiny.

      The unique concept of civilization tree, truly reproduce the growth of social civilization, and everything is determined by the country's level and development direction. Building systems and props building, the development of science and technology will not only bring various lives of life; with the future development, the mighty chariots and the mighty siege equipment will be realized one by one to introduce the concept of science and technology development. Bring unlimited possibilities for the game.

      The limitation of extensive skills breaks the traditional occupational restrictions, enabling players to freely determine future development and have more room for growth. The creation system of the family's long -term creation system brings a new challenge. More attribute changes make everyone do not have the same weapons. The real -name system of the weapon brings a new fun to players.

      game course
      ■ May 18, 2004 Game official public test
      ■ June 28, 2004 Game official commercial operation

      Fantasy Country

      "Fantasy Country" is the third part of the "Century Record" online game trilogy independently developed by Shanda Network. Compared with the "Legendary World" representing "Magic" and "Hero Age" representing "Civilization", "Fantasy Country" represents a "dream" world.

      "Fantasy Country" is a cartoon -style Q version of large online role -playing games. The picture of the game is fresh and beautiful, and the character shape is cute.

      "Fantasy Kingdom" introduced racial concepts. The two major races "humans" and "dreaming" in the game, one is good at fighting, one is good at production, and has completely different game methods. In addition, the fantasy country has diluted the concept of occupation, and the learning of skills is not subject to career restrictions. Players have a more free development route.

      "Fantasy Country" also has a relatively complete pet system. Players can capture most monsters in the game to make them pets. Pets can help players fight and grow in battle. In addition, players can also wear various pet equipment for pets. The most special is that the unique pet combination function is added, and players and pets can be combined. Players after fit will have more features.

      game process
      ■ June 2004 expected game public test

      The first large -scale instant strategic game with the background of the future space world in the history of the game. Various special arms that may appear in the future in the future to obey the player's freedom of command. Each player can enhance personal ability and command to the group army through combat For capabilities, thousands of troops can participate in each battle at the same time, with 64 large -scale wars maps.

      The title of "The Best Game" and the "The Most Awaited Online Game" title issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism by the US Cultural Tourism.

      The game process
      ■ September 28, 2002 Signed an operating agency agreement in mainland China
      ■ December 28, 2002 Game official public test
      ■ 2003 In June of the year, the game was officially commercialized

      Wulin foreign history


      "Martial Arts History" is a 100% full 3D martial arts online role playing game. The vivid and realistic martial arts world of "Martial Arts" perfectly shows the completely different changes in the four seasons and the day and night of 12 hours (24 hours). Showing the scenery of the real world, the oriental fish white, etc., use the "diamond engine" to make realistic martial arts movements, with the smooth and smooth attack screen, make the game never boring. The huge task in the game, detailed help, novel transactions, consignment systems, and fierce battle competition systems make the game full of endless fun. From the original 4 basic career choices, the claws, knives, swords, rods, palms, guns, swords, fans, wheels, hammers, daggers, bows of 12 different weapons, to different routes of martial arts choose. Makes no exactly the same role in the game. The game will promote and determine the development of the game based on the behavior of the player in the game.

      The game process
      ■ March 10, 2004 Signed an operating agency agreement in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau
      ■ On July 23, 2004, the game officially closed internal test


      grand leisure games

      Haofang's online battle game platform


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