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    How to fight the landlord?


    Sep 22, 2022
    4 thoughts on “How to fight the landlord?”
    1. There are more leftover, remember to run outside, if the other party has 2 kings, forcing him to dismantle the king with 2 tops. Can you lose less! The landlord is at your home. If your card is not very good, then you will resist him. The main thing is to remember cards. Points are also useless at high, looking at the level. It's easy to divide it! Brush, but is that interesting?

    2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question, and you are sorting out the answer. Please wait for a while. We are answering one by one. Please wait patiently. It takes a little time to type. I am glad to serve you.nAsk questionsnHello, sort it outnHello, sort it outnAnswer 1. In the early days of the landlord game, the player's big name should pay attention to leaving himself a chance to return, even the landlord player. Although everyone in the early stage of the landlord game is being miscellaneous, but even if it is a miscellaneous card, everyone cannot take it lightly, especially the landlord players, it is easy to make the card power in the early stage of the game because of too relaxing.n2. The player of the landlord must not be able to play the same card as the player of his opponent's player when the card is released. Instead, you should play the weak card of the opponent. Strategy. However, when playing cards, players should also pay attention to screening to determine that the card she played is really the disadvantaged card of the opponent, not the trap he deliberately created.n3. If the player can't look at it at a glance and don't know how to remove the cards, then don't easily play the sky card in his hand and be cautious. When necessary, the big name in your hand should still be appropriate to avoid finding the direction of playing cards in the later stage of the game but not recovering the right.n4. In the later stage of the Landlord game, if you are sure that the level of the cards of the same table at the same table is not much different, you can go, and the landlord itself will develop a game that runs quickly. Tips are indeed good for games, but too cautiousness may not help the game very much.n5. When fighting the landlord, players should also pay attention not to play their teammates 'cards. If they accidentally disrupt the teammates' card plan, it will be big. Farmers in the landlords should also follow the principle of who hit and who accepts. This is not only to make the landlord's player more responsible, but also to let everyone learn to believe in their teammates.nIt is my honor to help you! wish you a happy life! If you think it is helpful to you, please work hard! Thanks!nDo you have a professional play card?nAnswer 1: Better and play the landlord chess and card game, the mentality must be good, the vertical and horizontal venues for many years, the editor found that people with good mentality can often be high in winning rate, but people with poor mentality always gain worse result. Why is this? In general, the landlords occupy a certain factors, so if many players get the card, it is easy to blow up if it is not a good card. In fact, it can not be called the landlord at this time. Can fight. Remember not to affect your mentality because of your own card, and make various low -level errors during the game. 2: Many novices have no habit of calculating cards and guessing cards. The cards in your hands are like the past cloud smoke, and you forget it, so this is a point of losing to a master, cards, cards, guesses cards, guess cards, guess cards, guess cards, guess cards, guess cards It is equally important, one of which is a gradual process. For example, we can start with the cards first, the cards first, the king, the king, and the 2, a. Next, you can see that there is no card in your own hand, because this is the most prone to bomb, and the card is a process of slowly cultivating. When you learn to remember the cards, you also have the skills to calculate the cards at the same time.nMore 10nBleak

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