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    How to make a profit of Volkswagen Games


    Sep 22, 2022
    2 thoughts on “How to make a profit of Volkswagen Games”
    1. First of all, the development of Chinese animation depends on the concept of Chinese people. Now Radio and Television limits cartoons at the age of children, and most adults also think that cartoons are for children. It is a very strenuous job. It is difficult to avoid some restrictions on radio and television, but also to accept the Chinese public. This is very difficult. In I feel that China needs a person who is better than Gong Qijun.
      In terms of operation, China's animation company's operation methods have different degrees of defects, which are destined to not form a scale. These may be internal reasons or external reasons. In short, there is no complete industrial chain. Animation is just a part of the animation industry chain. It only depends on its profit. I think it is difficult to make a small company bigger. Do a lot of things before doing a good animation. These funds that are enough to earn enough animation, such as comics, novels, advertisements, etc. After finishing these, you can not only prepare funds, but also promote the animation you are going to do. Even if you do n’t want to achieve the expected results, the completed animation can be released later, and it can be released enough to be released. At the same time, it is necessary to produce products in the later stages, such as toys, accessories, various prints, etc. After an animation, except for the profit of the animation itself, peripheral products may become a big head of profits.
      Net, there is one point. The small workshop of Chinese animation is not doing its own things, but to do high labor output like other companies and even foreign companies. With the brand, in order to earn the maximum profit, such small companies must often replace employees. It cannot keep talents in itself. For this accumulation, small companies want to become bigger and difficult. If a company wants to get bigger, we must first seize talents. Some people prefer to pay less wages and have a good development opportunity. Such a small company can not see the prospects at all, and the loss of talents is inevitable.
      It now there are many graduates of different majors. This is the best cheap labor. Some people have the ability to focus on the cultivation of potential and should be able to pick out some employees who do basic work. Do n’t let the loss of talents, the rest should be operating problems

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