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    The top ten mobile games in foreign games


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. As follows:
      1, "Son of Destiny"
      The best visual award nomination of TAPTAP annual visual award for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017! "Son of Destiny" is a Korean mobile game in the RPG mobile game. It was jointly developed by the Shift UP game company and Next Floor. The game has as many as 500 characters. We can completely experience the active performance of the character, and the sense of interaction is very strong.

      2, "Legend Duel"
      garena and Tencent's collaborative game, also one of the overseas versions of "Glory of the King". The map and the introduction of DC comic IP -here, you can operate Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and ancient Chinese celebrities.

      3. To go to the red blood, it is much more real than the national service, and the experience is very strong; there are foreigners and Chinese in the game. Is it very interesting whether it is "teasing foreigners"; the game is all English, the interface is higher. If you want to experience a different chicken, let's play this work.

      4, "Concubine Thirteen Academy"
      "Concubine Thirteen Academy" launched by Quali Marts in Japan is a 3D round -made girl battle as the core and runs through the whole whole. The voice interaction and popularity of the chapter have attracted the attention of many CV chefs and cute girls.

      5. The "animal world" operated by players is synchronized with realistic time. Players can deeply immerse themselves in the world view of the game and create camping sites as they want. In this game you can: help animals to achieve your wishes; make furniture and decoration at "CRAFT"; attract more animal friends.

      6. Retro, some similar to the FC era game mode. At present, you need to mount the accelerator to play this game.

      7, "Super Mario Cool Run"
      Thenian mobile game! Four days of global downloads exceeded 40 million! Players can experience the following modes in the game: World Tour, Chinobi Orari, and build the kingdom. In short, if you can't play "Odyssey", you can find out in the world of Mario mobile games!

      8. This game will be engraved with the native IP worldview and gameplay. The characters and skills are also very handsome. At present, the domestic Apple Store can buy and try it. Let's explore it together!

      9. "Jedi Survival Stimulation Battlefield"
      "Jedi Survival: Stimulating Battlefield" is a self -developed special training mobile game of the photon studio group of Tencent. Testing started on February 9. As a genuine mobile game of Jedi, "Jedi Survival: Stimulation of the Battlefield" restores most of the large maps, modeling and game scenes of "Jedi Survival", and also restores the classic style of end games.

      10. Skills, at the same time with the optimization of the mobile version of the platform to create new skills, allowing players to experience more than 100 skills in the game. The occupation provided by the game is not the original occupation in the end game, but provides four occupations: ghost swordsman, female fighting, female gun, and male law.

    2. The top ten foreign game rankings: "Son of Destiny", "Legend Duel", "Survivor Royale", "Concubine Thirteen Academy", "Forest of Animals: Pocket Camp", "Football Teenage: Dream Team", "Super Mario Cool Run", "Assassin's Creed: This Color", "Jedi Survival Stimulation Battlefield", "Dungeon and Warriors: Soul"

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