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    The top ten of the Switch game?


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “The top ten of the Switch game?”
    1. Ranking; first place, actually the super bomber man R. Second place, Super Mario. Odyssey third, different blade 2 (). Fourth, Jet Warrior 2. Fifth place, monster hunter XX. Sixth place, the 8 luxury version of Mario's car. Seventh place, Elder Scrolls 5: Sky (Old Rolling 5). Eighth place, Star Caber: New Star Alliance. Ninth place, destroyed soldier Doom4. Tenth place, hunting angel witch 2.
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      . The game is the first step for all mammals, especially spiritual long animals to learn survival. It is a social behavior that is based on material demand satisfaction, a social behavior that follows a specific rule within a specific time and space.
      . The game is divided into intellectual games and active games, and translated into Play, Pastime, Playgame, SPORT, Squail, Games, Gamest, HOPSCOTCH, JEU, TOY. Most of the current games refer to video games on various platforms.
      . Reasonable and moderate games allow humans to challenge and overcome obstacles in the simulation environment, which can help humans develop intelligence, exercise thinking and response ability, training skills, training rules, etc. And team spirit. It's too late, and excessive games will also harm people's physical and mental health.
      . On June 18, 2018, the World Health Organization released a new version of "Classification of International Diseases", and "game disorders" were listed as diseases. However, game disorders are two different concepts and are easy to confuse. There is a significant difference between game addiction and game disorders.
      5. The game is divided into intellectual games and active games. Activities, plots and rules, are competitive. The current "games" in daily term mostly refer to video games on various platforms. Video games have stand -alone games and online games.
      6. Playing one or several characters in the game, a game with a complete storyline. Players may be confused with adventure games. In fact, the distinction is very simple. The RPG game emphasizes the development of the plot and personal experience. Generally speaking, RPG can be divided into two types: Japanese and European and American style, mainly the difference in cultural background and combat method. Japanese -style RPG mostly uses turnover or semi -instant -system battle, with delicate feelings, moving plots, and rich characters; European and American RPGs mostly use instant or semi -instant battles, characterized by the game with high freedom, rigorous background design design , Open maps and plots, high playfulness.

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