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    Which is the most classic mobile phone game?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The most classic mobile phone stand -alone game is Russia.
      The Tetris mentioned, it is really almost no one knows it. It has a long history and a long -lasting playability. It can gently wave and hang a large wave of games. For the vast majority of Ji friends, the rules of "Russia" need not be said at all -to fill in different lines of shapes.
      one of the most popular leisure games in the world -Russian block. Its inventor Alexei Pakitnov and his partner, Henk Rogers, president of the American Blue Planet Software Company, announced on June 2 that the 25th anniversary celebration of the Russian cubes celebrated in Los Angeles, USA Start at the exhibition. In an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency, Pakitnov and Rogers talked about the 25 years of Russia's blocks and revealed the future development plan.
      The basic rules are various squares that move, rotate and place the automatic output of the game to arrange it into a complete line or multiple lines and eliminate scores. Because it is simple to get started, it is just a simple Russian block game, I believe you will not be afraid.
      The keyboard direction key ← → control movement, ↑ deformation, ↓ acceleration fall, space starts.
      The sectors of different shapes composed of small cubes have fallen from the top of the screen. Players can spend a complete one or several pieces at the bottom of the screen by adjusting the location and direction of the plate. These complete horizontal bars will disappear immediately, and there is room for the newly falling sector. At the same time, the player gets score rewards. The squares that are not eliminated are constantly accumulated. Once the top of the screen is piled up, the player will lose and the game is over.

    2. The most classic mobile stand -alone games include "Monument Valley", "Brave Heart", "Hell Border" and so on.
      1. "Monument Valley"
      "Monument Valley" is a puzzle mobile game developed by USSTWO. It was officially released in 2014. In the game, by exploring hidden paths, discovering the illusion of vision, and defeating the mysterious crowman to help Silent Princess Aida get out of the monument and guide Aida to Monument Valley.
      The design of the game style, the setting of the character plot, is refreshing, the fresh style makes the player's experience and comfortable, and recently, USTWO has released the "Monument Valley Valley) at the Apple Global Developer Conference (WWDC). 2". This game has quickly occupied the top of the Apple American App Store.
      2, "Brave Heart"
      "Brave Heart: World War Valiant Hearts: The Great War" is a plot game. The development of the game views the war from the perspective of a small man, and mainly tells the story of four men and women and a loyal dog survival, sacrifice, friendship and love between the four men and women and a loyal dog in the war. Although they come from different countries, they all have a common goal, that is, the terrorist war against humans!
      I have to say that the author's good intentions when designing this game. Whether it is the sense of picture, the setting of the characters, the development of the plot, it is very detailed. The details in all aspects are well processed. The decryption process of each stage of the plot is also immersive. And through the guidance of the theme, players can better experience the impact of war on people. I have not only regarded it as a game, but instead of using it as a souvenir.
      3, "Hell Border"
      "Hell Border" is a 2D adventure game developed by PlayDead Studios. Players play a little boy in the game and seek hope at the edge of hell. Players control a little boy in Hell Border and find a dead sister on the edge of hell.
      This is a game presented in black and white art style. It has unforgettable special charm at a glance. Its simple operation, carefully designed heavy agencies and puzzles make players linger.
      The excellent atmosphere of the game and the structure of music make the player really exist in the game. The protagonist of the dark silhouette and the enemy all give players to have sufficient imagination space. Players have a super sense of substitution in the game, and each player's game experience in this game is different.

    3. The most classic mobile phone stand -alone game: Plants vs. Zombies, matches series, angry birds, temple escape
      Angry bird: "Angry Bird" is a casual piral game developed by Rovio It was first released in iOS in December 2009. It is a small game with a combat strategy. Throwing the birds through the slingshot to the organ or piglets is a game that tests the eye strength.
      The gameplay is very simple. Popping the birds on the slingshot, smashed into the green fat pig, and smashed all the fat pigs to pass the level. The bird's pop -up angle and strength are controlled by the player's fingers. Pay attention to the comprehensive calculation of good strength and angle, so as to smash the fat pig more accurately. The pop -up birds will leave the ejection trajectory, which can be adjusted for reference angles and strength.
      Tramid vs. Zombies: "Plants War Zombie" is a puzzle strategy single -machine game developed by POPCAP Games and released on May 5, 2009. It is a very strategic mini -game.
      The game is divided into five game modes according to different gameplay: adventure, survival, vase crushing, mini -game, garden. In addition, obstacles such as night, roof, thick fog, and pools have increased their challenges. The game is almost endless.
      "Temple Fugue" is a parkour adventure stand-up series developed by Imangi Studios. It is released in 2012-7-26. The content themes are survive, jungle, adventure, etc.!

    4. The most classic mobile phone stand -alone games include Black Box, famine Dont Starve, and my world.
      blackbox: It is unique in many games. Its concept is also very avant -garde: everything is game. This sentence will be used as a clue to run through the entire game. Only when you open your brain and open your mind, you can pass the level in the game step by step.
      MA famine Dont Starve: It is a action adventure game developed by KLEI. The game tells about a scientist being transmitted to a mysterious world by the devil. The story of the world. As a survival game, the famine has done all the details to the extreme, including killing monsters, making tools, cooking, weather season systems, research and development systems, architectural systems, weapons and equipment, capture prey, etc.

      This world: It is a 3D first -person sand table game that is popular in the world. Simply put, it is to operate a construction worker to build a world through the placement and destruction of various blocks.

    5. The most classic mobile phone stand -alone game is mahjong. The two -player mahjong mobile phone is a game, which originated from the national standard mahjong. By reducing the players and cards of the game and the number of cards (there is no strip and cylinder of the two -person mahjong) to make the game more intense stimulating. Touching, bar, the first to be the winner.
      Mahjong, originated in China, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, and southern Fujian region commonly known as sparrows. The game, entertainment appliances invented by ancient China, small cubes made of bamboo, bones or plastic, with patterns or words engraved on it. There are 136 northern mahjong, and there are eight flower cards in Southern Mahjong, which are spring, summer, autumn and winter, plum bamboo orchid chrysanthemums, totaling 144.
      Ifin is a game game invented by the ancient Chinese. The brand entertainment utensils are made of small cubes made of bamboo, bones or plastic with patterns or words on it. ) Southern Mahjong has eight more flower cards, which are spring, summer, autumn and winter, plum bamboo orchid chrysanthemums. Gaming rules in different regions are slightly different. Mahjong's cards are mainly "cakes (text money)", "bar (cable)", "Wan (Wan Guan)" and so on.
      In ancient times, mahjong was made of bone -faced bamboo back. It can be said that Mahjong cards are actually a combination of cards and bone cards. Compared with other bone cards, Mahjong's gameplay is the most complicated and interesting. Its basic play is simple and easy to get started, but there are many changes. One of the forms of the blog.

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