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    Who can recommend me a few Three Kingdoms, fun stand -alone games


    Sep 23, 2022

    If you want to take the adventure class, you do not require too high the configuration. By the way, give me the download address of the download
    , do n’t mess up a lot, have played it for me by myself, and give me the download address by the way.

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    1. Hello
      "Battle of the Red Cliff" panda, one old game. At that time, I also mixed it with the former "Chibi". The selling point of the game
      is a good plot.

      "Longteng Three Kingdoms" is produced by the wisdom crown. In the past two days, I tried it to write this record for this period. From the perspective of that year
      , it is indeed a boutique. This game is actually a game of RPG SLG, but in order to classify it, it is better to put this
      (mainly as SLG's uncommon SLG boutique)

      "Biography, compare the alternative Three Kingdoms RPG, feels that the name of the Three Kingdoms is simply a guise. There is not much practical
      meaning. The plot reflected in the game is not well -known to everyone.

      Ird Glory "Three Kingdoms" series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, online version, 4 to 7 of which are enhanced version, it is simply
      A large family.

      "Three Kingdoms", boutique, absolute boutique, epoch -making products, when washing at the time of action -based games, tour
      The first game in the history of the play ( On PC), the first business game with the Three Kingdoms as the background in history, BU
      t, I haven't played ( # % ... ¥ %). Indeed, at the time, I couldn't even figure out what the computer could do. Not to mention
      It computer games.

      "Three Kingdoms 2", I still haven't played it.

      "Three Kingdoms 3", this can be said to be the beginning of the new form of the Three Kingdoms, a new graphic interface, enhanced new features, and
      It the first time to log in to the new military general, but I still Haven't played, haha ​​...

      "Three Kingdoms 4", there are still classics that people play so far. Sell ​​twice, really you), and I am the first PC Three Kingdoms game. Among them, the deepest
      is the attack city war when fighting, but it ignores one thing that is not only the siege war in the Three Kingdoms. Among them, the new
      has added too much content, and it is unclear for a while. Everyone goes to the old "Three Kingdoms 4" Raiders to see

      "Three Kingdoms 5", almost continuing the previous work, the same level of pictures, almost no new features increased. The highlight of this model is to turn the siege war into a complete field battle, and the formation is added for the first time, which is an innovation. The enrichment of the strategy of the strategy also makes people happy, but it is too much to increase some spell monsters that make many orthodox players dissatisfied. So at that time, many Three Kingdoms fans returned to the past and played "Three
      Kingdoms 4", forming the opposite situation of the two factions of "Three Kingdoms 3" and "Three Kingdoms 4" at that time. Quake2 fans.

      "Three Kingdoms 6" can be said to be launched in many shouts. Its mission is important. It is necessary to unify the battle between "Three Kingdoms
      Chronicles 3" and "Three Kingdoms 4". Facts have also proved that "Three Kingdoms 6" not only successfully completed the mission, but also raised the "Three
      Kingdoms" series. The addition and simplification of the concept of heaven, earth, and people have won a piece of drinking in the internal affairs. The new
      of the war mode, at the same time, has fields and siege, and uses half of the way to operate. This series of innovation lays the foundation of the "Three Kingdoms 6" boutique.

      "Three Kingdoms 7", for the first time to add a development element to SLG. Although it is said to be in "Taige", it is actually too much different from
      "Taige" too much. Essence Because of the increase in the factors of this development, the Three Kingdoms series has been changed from macro -deployment to
      has made micro -control. It can be sold as a branch of the Three Kingdoms Games. R n's new types can be said to mean significant. This time, it is also benign to form the "Three Kingdoms 6" and "Three Kingdoms 7".

      "Three Kingdoms -Network Version", people with eye -catching can be seen that this glorious is not ready to make money, which is completely launched as the market
      At the time of launch, the publicity of the great fan. As an experiment, although
      said that there are many defects, and in all aspects to be remedied, but in general, it is quite good. You can also see the determination of glorious
      It will appear in the perfect online version of the Three Kingdoms.

      "Three Kingdoms -Fengyun Restarts". This one knows very little. It only knows that it is a glorious product, experimental work, and the rest do not know
      , the relevant information, I hope to make up the legacy.
      Summary: From the perspective of all aspects, the "Three Kingdoms" series of Glory Corporation occupies the domineering position of SLG. It must shake it. When writing this article, I saw the GameKing News "Three Kingdoms 8" has opened the hijab, making
      is really excited and looking forward to.

      The "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" series 1,2,3, the SLG three kingdoms launched by the Chinese people have always used the "Three Kingdoms" as the imaginary enemy,
      》 It is admirable. Although it is more perfect, the road to go
      is still very long.

      The "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" I don't know when it was launched, but it is probably the level of "Three Kingdoms 2", the first
      Chinese games of the Three Kingdoms.

      "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2" was probably launched by "Three Kingdoms 4" to "Three Kingdoms 5". Edition to exchange. The highlight is that the map of China is a satellite photo, and
      is much more real than in the Three Kingdoms. Another gimmick is the unprecedented use of the generals to use the
      3D animation of the calculation, and the generals go to the wall, just like martial arts novels, killing a smallpox. It is a good episode. ^ O^

      "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms 3" seems to be launched last year or early this year. The more comprehensive instructions of the internal affairs are designed, but the
      is too complicated for military -related instructions. Imagine who wants to do more than fighting before fighting
      Meremaneous jobs do not know much? Intersection It has to be said to be a defeat. The performance is mediocre, the only thing worthy of praise
      This sigh is the performance of the torch. In the Three Kingdoms novels, fire attacks are the most and most effective tactics. Fire Burning Bo Wang Po Po Po
      , fire burning new wild, Chibi fire attack, fire burning even) (I ca n’t knock this word, it ’s strange) The importance of fire attack
      . Do you feel that the fire is too weak when playing the "Three Kingdoms" series? In "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", it is not
      . I remember once, I put a fire on the enemy, but it happened that I was standing in the lower air again. After two rounds, my troops were trapped in the fire of the bears. Almost there was a sea of ​​fire under the city, and the fire burned the soldiers
      . If Zhiguan strengthens this point, the war chapter of this game will be perfect.

      "The Biography of the Three Kingdoms", the boutique game produced by ODIN, which was a copy of the SS "The Power of Dragon". The difference is
      . The place, and I have innovated a lot of innovation, it can be said that it is blue
      , which makes SS's "Dragon Power" sharp. At that time, as soon as it was launched, it attracted countless Three Kingdoms enthusiasts, and its own
      system, occupying a place in many SLG games. Highlights, real -time duel and exaggerated general skills. Remembering
      The first draft I have voted for "Computer Merchant Intelligence" that year was "The Power of the Three Kingdoms Biography VS Dragon". .

      "Biography of the Three Kingdoms 2", almost continuing the previous system, a new graphic interface, and increased to up to 400 people's favors of
      , more exaggerated and gorgeous general skills, cool and cool skills, coolness, cool Intersection At this point, this game is still in my hard disk.

      "99 New Three Kingdoms Games".

      "The Three Kingdoms of Beacon", which is also one of the works that are mixed. The picture is pretty good, at least it can be passed. Without cabbage, it depends on everyone's preferences.

      "Fire Fire Three Kingdoms 2", in my opinion, it is not much different from the 1st generation, it is also based on personal preferences.

      "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms of the Dragon King", with the game that follows the current, there is no highlight, the only thing worth seeing (not playing) is that
      The internal administration has a very professional Han -the official table of the Three Kingdoms period. And introduction, very detailed. If you want to write articles or academic reports about
      , you may wish to find it.

      "Biography of Wolong", produced by Song Gang, also found a try when writing this article, and found that this game can be
      The row in the classic list in old games in the old game Essence Although this picture is not gorgeous, it is very detailed, large and medium cities, levels
      , rivers, mountains and rivers are very detailed, because the game is a military division, so the operation is simplified, and there is no complicated
      instruction. Among them, the battle is one of the highlights. The battle occurs immediately. The first army is divided into the front, left, middle, right
      , the post -army and generals, and then they can be arranged and attacking, assault, defense, defense, defense, defense When the instructions, each army starts with
      its position, infantry, etc. will attack the city, the archers will be shot below, the enemy on the city will automatically welcome the enemy, the entire battle
      is very very very very fighting It feels like a big army battle. I haven't felt it in other games. Another
      of this work is the setting of the city. In the past, do you feel that there are too few cities in the three kingdoms, and compared with the
      column of "Nobunaga" and "Tai Pavilion". The same is the same as
      , I counted it slightly. The large and small cities exceeded 200, which is the most in the three countries of the Three Kingdoms. Among them, like "Nobunaga"
      Everyone must know that there are small Pei and Xiayi next to Xuzhou, but you know
      are next to small cities such as Shanyang, Lu, Langxie, and Shiyang? I only know this classic old work until now, it is really
      . I am ashamed.

      Thewhec chess category

      "Biography of the Three Kingdoms", produced by glory, the first three kingdoms launched in the form of war chess, which caused a frenzy at the time,
      in the n in the n in The Chinese game rankings can't stand high. Beautiful and concise pictures, faithful and original plots and reasonable upgrade combat system
      统 统 can be called classics in the classics at the time or modernity.

      "The Biography of the Three Kingdoms", the No. 2 paragraph 2 of the group, has enhanced a lot on the basis of the previous work, and it is Windows version
      . I believe that many friends have played this hard disk version, but when they play the latter place, they will make mistakes and then the game will be broken (this is the common problem of the hard disk version of "The Confucius of the Three Kingdoms"). There is a highlight of this model. The generals of generals with large
      in the CD -ROM version are very beautiful. I believe that many friends who have played the hard disk version have never seen it.

      "The Biography of the Three Kingdoms Cao Cao", paragraph 5 of Qunying Biography (Note: The 3rd and 4th of Qunying's Biography Series is "Mao Weiyuan Biography"
      and "Oda Nobunaga Chuan Chuan Biography ") The same boutique. The game carried out by Cao Cao, a big gangster, added a loyalty self -selection.

      "The Biography of the Three Kingdoms", produced by Zhiguan, the game launched shortly after the Biography of the Three Kingdoms, was the work of challenging the "Three
      Biography of the Biography of the country". The game focuses on a lot of popular scenes, such as whipping and governance, crossing the river, etc.
      , and do you find out whether the portrait of the characters in the game is very similar to the famous comic "Dragon Wolf Biography" and and The game is
      out of the "Dragon Wolf Biography".

      "The World", I remember it was produced by a panda. This is a very old game. Maybe many people do not know. I
      When I saw the Q -style style of chess, when I saw it in a magazine, I only remember
      . Xia Houyi was a great teeth, and the style of painting was very funny.

      The real -time strategy

      "Ultimate Three Kingdoms" experience version, name is ominous, but it is indeed the first Three Kingdoms instant game. Improved the "Dune 2" "Warcraft" at the time. There are no generals in the game, and only 3 types of archers, archers, and cavalry have 3
      . You can choose Liu Bei or Cao Cao Ren of the other. The two sides only have color differences. At that time, this experience version was equipped with a
      What report or the disk of the magazine. Later, it may have been aborted, and I only played once. This model is too long,
      was born before the "Red Police" after "Dune 2".

      "Guandu", former export product, the first three kingdoms of the mainland, only the Battle of Guandu is the background, the game
      is far from advertising, but the army yun in the game The big account left a deep impression. Although the game type is not restricted by
      , because it is not handled well, it feels uncomfortable, and it cannot be discussed. However, in view of the original positioning of the former guide company

      "Chibi", former export product, this can be regarded as the first game of the real -time strategy of the Three Kingdoms of the Three Kingdoms. I do n’t know if I am excited for a long time. I still save this pirated version from 25 yuan
      The word in Chibi is written, and it is also issued by Beijing Tsinghua University Press? Intersection Intersection There are also codes and copyright statements
      % × ※ ¥ #, I do n’t know if it is a rare mainland game, even stolen^*^!

      : Although the front guide has fallen, he has created the precedent of the Three Kingdoms Instant Strategy Games. In a sense,
      , he is still successful!

      "The Three Kingdoms of the World", which is only written recently, the target software has launched the Three Kingdoms games launched by the world. After I tried the
      , I had unlimited expectations for it. Overall, this model has reached a very high level. I hope this time
      is the turning battle of the domestic Three Kingdoms games. If you will list the English version of New Zealand, I think I will buy a set.

      "Three Kingdoms", produced by the century, performed well, although there was no frenzy, and there was not much degradation of
      . The highlight is a large-scale battle, but because of the poor engine, there are many people who seriously drag the frame. This is how to perform on my
      p3-600,198M. It is a good work.

      "Three Kingdoms Storm 2". In order to write this article, I spent a day and one night, and the experience version of this game was downloaded from the Internet. The initial test
      is really good, almost similar to advertising. The engine of the 2nd generation is particularly good, and it can fully implement the great mix of thousands of people
      , which is the most exciting. In the experience version, there is a special level, Liu Bei vs tension, and the two sides of the two sides will have a few troops
      . There are thousands of (nonsense). Anyway, there is a dark piece on the screen. Can't
      . With a led, the two armies began a melee. As long as they saw it, they just rushed into the crowd. What tactics,
      The tactics, the general skills here, regardless of the use of it. It's better to fight the sea tactics (laughs)
      . To sum up, the picture is beautiful, not inferior to "AOE", thousands of people's melee, but if you like nothing, you don't have to think about anything,
      The people who play the sea tactical game are also good.

      "The Three Kingdoms Star Star Contrace", compared with alternative works, the name of the Three Kingdoms has no meaning of century, it is to suck
      The performance is good, and the creativity inside is good.

      "The ambition of the Three Kingdoms Star in the Three Kingdoms Star and the Sea of ​​the Three -Sun Quan", I have n’t played it, I ca n’t say any characteristic anyway, the response is flat

      "Three Kingdoms Overlook", a recent game that only released, has a good creativity. "Diablo", there are many RPG ingredients, and the plot is also good. On the basis of the original work
      , a lot of small plots have been added. But if you can strengthen and improve the poor picture.

      fighting category

      "General of General", produced by panda, rare original fighting on PC, it seems to be a masterpiece at the time, of course, not
      Can be compared with the current "KOF". I used to play with friends and not to play with friends.

      "General of the generals 2", based on the previous work, added Wu Guo's generals, enriched a lot. And before K, you can also send small soldiers to harass, and all kinds of ideas are worth learning from.

      The network category

      "Three Kingdoms of the Internet", the game that has not been recently released, I haven't heard any praise, and I have never played it. But I want to make the three states of the three kingdoms, the magnificent historical works of the three kingdoms into a quasi -martial arts game with the breath of the rivers and lakes may be unwilling to see it.

      The desktop wisdom

      "Laughing Spring Autumn" should be the first three kingdoms and card games, similar to the rich man, too old, don't remember.
      "The Three Kingdoms" Monopoly Monopoly.

      "The World of Rich A World" will have a certain impression on Monopoly games at the beginning.

      "Rich World 2" is done similar to the fake 3D of "Monopoly 4".

      "The Three Kingdoms Mahjong" also ran to play mahjong. It is really an alternative work. In the game, the Mahjong and strategic set
      are together, and the siege is a slight Fang Cheng battle to win the victory (laughs). Among them, the dialogue unique to the generals laughed at
      people, and the dubbing of very standard dialect attracted everyone, so that those who did not like gambling could not help but come to Fangcheng

      The vision shows the Three Kingdoms vividly. At that time, a 3rd generation was also released. In fact, it was the Chinese version of the 2nd generation.

      "Biography of the Three Kingdoms-Biography-Chaos World", SLG, the only original Three Kingdoms games on MD (because the glorious "Three Kingdoms" system
      is excluded). The masterpiece, its combat scene is a bit like the "Overlord's Continent"
      , and the internal affairs are like the "Three Kingdoms". This model is one of the hotspots. The generals are designed very large. The two riding horses to
      almost half of the screen, giving people full and very courageous feeling. Control,
      Although the operation is simple, the feeling of controlling the martial arts is different. This one feels like there is no place
      The is outstanding, but there is no very flawed. It may be that this moderate feeling attracts many players.


      "Three Kingdoms of Tianwu", combined with RPG and chess and card -based games, the picture is mainly Q version, 4 people can play at the same time, very lively
      , I used to compete with a few friends in the gaming machine room. The game is very distinctive. When the specified time
      , the task of the dedication to you in the room is completed. For example, if you are chaotic, the combat method similar to a card (like
      is different attributes, functions, functions, functions, functions, functions, functions, functions, functions. Where is the ball? The two people are compared with the cards, and who's cards can just suppress each other. In the Three Kingdoms Gaming World with SLG as
      , "Three Kingdoms of Dance" can be said to be a fresh landscape.

      "Hengshan Glory Three Kingdoms", SLG, I haven't seen it before.

      "Hengshan Glory Three Kingdoms 2", SLG, this is a very orthodox SLG, where the difference between the "Three Kingdoms" series is
      -Axing the star, that is, the troops will appear on the big map when the troops are expelled, and then you
      control the troops step by step towards the enemy's city. Other places performed mediocre, very ordinary games.

      "Swallowing the World", SLG, CAPCOM. It is another "Swallowing World", and the name is really fragrant. Different
      , this model is SLG. It is indeed produced by Capcom, which can jump out of many SLG games. Among them, the inner
      politics, attaching importance to the military, in the war scene, exerted the highest function of SFC. The scene was expressed by 3D overwhelming, very aggressive
      , and added the shadow of the map. The two armies were similar to "The World", and the two sides were chaotic. By the way,
      The portrait of this game is taken with the arcade version of "Battle of the Red Cliff", so you can see many familiar faces in the game.

      "Shenglong Three Kingdoms", SLG ,. The following models may be very few, almost all of them have heard of it, no one
      met in that kind, I hope there is any Friends who have played.

      "Super Three Kingdoms", SLG
      "Super Three Kingdoms 2", SLG
      "Tianwu Three Kingdoms", SLG
      R nGB

      "Swallowing the World", RPG, FC transplant.

      "Three Kingdoms", SLG, GB original, but there is nothing special, I feel that it has not played a quarter of GB. Similarly,
      and FC is an 8 -bit machine, but it does not have the effect of "The Continent of Overlord". It is regrettable (as if this statement is far -fetched).


      "The Overlord of the Three Kingdoms", Quize, is a rare type. With good Japanese skills, and the knowledge of the Three Kingdoms can be done, who has played and told me.

      "The Rebellion of the Three Kingdoms", ACT, is the preceding work of "The Battle of the Three Kingdoms", but this is rarely seen on the mainland
      . I only learned after the battle. You can choose Liu Guanzhang Zhao 4 people K Yellow Turban Thurs, and finally get
      Dong Zhuo cleared the customs. The whole process was killed. There was no difference between the four people except the appearance. The big move was a falling stone. In fact, I think
      is like a chicken leg. If you haven't played, you can find the simulator to play, but don't imagine too well, because the "Battle of the Three Kingdoms
      " is simply two molds.

      "The Battle of the Three Kingdoms", ACT, this one does not need to be introduced at all, no matter from that perspective, it is a classic in the classics. Shun
      The mention, recently the simulator world seems to be very popular to change this game. Not only can it be changed to a holy sword three
      country like arcade, but also one person can be selected at the same time. You have to challenge a few boss at the same time, haha.

      "Three Kingdoms Battle", ACT, game produced by Chinese people. Although it is generally believed that the picture is not as good as the "Battle of the Three Kingdoms", the connotation in its
      is not comparable to "The Battle of the Three Kingdoms". Now there are a total of 3 versions, and the 2 version is almost simply enhanced
      1 version, and the BUG has been corrected. Instead, the 3rd edition has brought a new feeling. Not only did it modify some plots, but also increased the
      enemy recruitment system, which was more fulfilling than the previous content. And there are a lot of people who choose, and you can also make the characters who are super BOSS -level
      . "The Three Kingdoms" can be said to be one of the most voices in the simulator industry. Many people are asking
      when will there be, everyone will wait slowly, and now the domestic DUMP technology is also very mature. I believe there will be
      in the near future. By the way, the "Three Kingdoms" has an overseas version, and I can also play^O^O^O^O^/.

      n "The Continent of Overlord", SLG, complete FC transplantation, strengthened pictures and music, which really gives us the new blood of this group of "Overl
      The Continent of the King". There is no need to introduce this model, everyone knows. By the way, this game can be
      The is perfectly used in any PS simulator. I use Bleem to play it again. This one is rarely seen on the market, it is
      is included in the NAMCO four -in -one collection. Old players in FC may wish to buy it,

      "The Battle of the Three Kingdoms" , Act, the arcade version is completely transplanted, I haven't played it, and I don't know if it has shrunk. It is said that it is limited to the machine
      , deleted the horse war (I am not sure), but it seems that everyone has added a new additional added one of them. Planting nirvana.


    2. Fantasy Three Kingdoms series, characters are more cartoon.
      It still recommend the Three Kingdoms Warriors. 3 is very classic. Generally, there are 128 independent display. My 353 Chineseization is incomplete, and I can go to the Ranger Forum to find a perfect version.

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